An appointment with a new doctor can be intimidating and it helps to know what to expect at your first appointment. People seek chiropractic care for many reasons and your chiropractor will want to know about your history, condition, and what goals you have as a patient. This is why your initial appointment with a chiropractor will include a thorough chiropractic exam.
To get to know you and develop a specific treatment plan, your chiropractor may inquire about your family and medical history. This will give the chiropractor insight into how to proceed in your treatment. This initial conversation will likely consist of questions about your symptoms and pain in order to properly diagnose and treat the condition. Your chiropractor may want some insight into your work life and activity level in your day-to-day activities as that will help them assess what could be causing your aches and pains and how they can make those activities more comfortable for you.
During this first appointment, your chiropractor will want to do some simple testing to understand your level of mobility. This physical portion of the chiropractic exam may consist of testing your reflexes, range of motion, posture, and others depending on your condition.
Your chiropractor may also want to take x-rays depending on your situation and past medical history. For example, if an auto accident caused your pains, your chiropractor may want x-rays to determine what damage was done.
Finally, during that first appointment, you can expect to receive a chiropractic adjustment. Using all of the information about your musculoskeletal condition collected during the consultation, your chiropractor will provide a manipulation to properly align the body and relieve pain or discomfort. They will then provide any advice that can make you more comfortable in between treatments, and will reveal how often they suggest you receive treatments. The end goal is that you leave the office in better condition than when you arrived and with an action plan toward a pain-free life.