Here at Longo Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Laser Center of Milwaukee, we pride ourselves on offering the newest and most advanced laser technology. We have consistently been seeing great results using our Class IV 40-watt laser and we have recently integrated MLS robotic laser therapy into our practice as well. So what makes the MLS M6 Robotic laser unique?

Unlike other lasers, the M6 has a Multiwave Lock System that provides hurting tissue with two wavelengths simultaneously. The tissue absorbs light at those wavelengths and that light triggers metabolic reactions in the cell that stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and lead to pain reduction. It has been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain and decrease the healing time of wounds.

Here, we offer options. We will continue to utilize the advanced healing power of our Class IV deep tissue laser and are excited to include the most advanced technology into our practice. Upon your free laser consultation, your specific condition and needs will be evaluated and we will ensure you get the laser treatment that will best address your needs.