Is A “Pinched” Nerve Making Your Life Miserable?

Being pinched hurts, but to pinch a nerve? Ugh! That must feel like a severe, intense pain- and it often does. “Pinched” nerves could happen anywhere in your spine, can affect nerves that go to your arms, fingers, wrist, neck, back, shoulders, head, legs, muscles and internal organs; and can affect your general health, posture, energy level, resistance to disease-even your emotional health. “Pinched” nerves can make your life miserable.


Are the nerves pinched? “Pinched” is an inaccurate term. Many chiropractors feel that “vertebral subluxation complex, ” “nerve impingement,” “nerve irritation,” “foramina compression,” “chronic proprioceptive sensory-bed disturbance,” nerve-menigeal tension” and “spinal stress” are accurate and should be used instead.

But people like the word pinched because it’s so descriptive.  It can really feel like something is being pinched in there. Some health professionals use it. People sometimes enter a chiropractor’s office saying their M.D. told them they had a “pinched” nerve and they need a chiropractor.