We are excited to share a testimonial from one of our amazing patients, Mary! Mary has received both chiropractic care and deep tissue laser therapy for relief from spinal stenosis, sciatica, and knee arthritis. The following is her written testimonial:
“During the past six months, Longo Chiropractic laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments have been a welcome answer to my severe spinal stenosis and sciatica diagnosis. For several years, I suffered in pain, avoiding the recommended and dreaded back surgery with its unknown outcome and expensive rehabilitation. Through the course of my current and ongoing treatment, I have been given a much less restrictive lifestyle. I am now able to function quite normally with acceptable limitations and much less pain. Thank you, Dr. Longo and staff for your wonderful, caring, and most professional TLC! I am so blessed to have found you through a flier in the newspaper! I would most certainly recommend Longo Chiropractic with all its services to family, friends, and acquaintances.”
Everyone here at Longo Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Laser Center of Milwaukee would like to both thank Mary for her testimony and say if you or someone you know is struggling with a painful musculoskeletal condition like Mary once was, call us and schedule a consultation today!
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