Minimize Headache Frequency

minimizeheadachesSLEEP SCHEDULE

Waking and sleeping times can play a critical role in controlling headaches. Sleep deprivation is a common headache trigger, as is oversleeping.  Make an effort to normalize your sleep patterns helping your body to become regulated.


Though it’s almost impossible to eliminate stress from a fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle, try to implement techniques that will help minimize its impact on your life. Take deep breaths, meditate, pray and keep a sense of humor. Be sure to exercise regularly, lower the unreasonable demands you put on yourself and leave work on time so you can spend leisure time with your family and friends.


Most offending foods and seasoning will cause headaches shortly after you eat them.  Some foods will only cause headaches if you eat a certain quantity. For example, nitrates in a hot dog may not bother you until you’ve had your second one.  Reduce your intake of caffeine, chocolate, nitrates (preserved meats), fermented foods, alcohol, and foods that contain MSG and artificial sweeteners.


Skipped meals or irregular eating schedules can increase headaches.  If this appears to be a cause, try to eat meals at regular intervals or carry snacks with you so you can eat when your body requires food.


Smoking cigarettes or breathing secondhand smoke can increase your headache frequency.  Although quitting smoking is not a guarantee that headaches will stop, it can ease the problem by eliminating the impurities and the carbon monoxide levels found in the blood of smokers.