What is it that defines the intangible Birkie Fever?

For some it’s the visceral anticipation of the challenge, mingled with apprehension, woven with an unspoken camaraderie as fellow adrenaline junkeis make their pilgrimage through he hardwood forest along the Birkie Trail. For others it’s the annual tradition of family and friends escaping to the north woods, it’s the sound of drums thrumming along the trail, a celebratory post-race shot-ski, or the ringing of cowbells announcing the sweet taste of success. It’s the palpable sensation of determination and accomplishment in the air. For those with Birkie Fever, it’s more than a race- it’s a feeling held close all year through. Whether skiing, biking, running or trekking- here’s to hitting the trail and catching Birkie Fever!

Reference: The Birch Scroll, view entire magazine here.

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