DSC02525What difference does one adjustment make ? Why isn’t one adjustment enough?

One adjustment may help mobilize the structure initially, it really does not change the long term correction of a problem.

Initially when you mobilize and get some function in an area that hasn’t been moving as it should have been,your body creates it’s own lubricate called synovial fluid, which help lubricates that joint and helps the inflammation and swelling around that area become reduced. You will start feeling better as a result. To make a change requires some frequency and repetition that varies depending upon the nature of the problem and the individual patients condition. It is more like an exercise program where if you go to the gym to work out once you feel pretty good about yourself, that you got there, but you really didn’t make a change in your health. If you stuck with an exercise program consistently, within a short period of time you will see weight loss or muscle gain, whatever you goals are.

The frequency and repetition of your treatment plan will allow changes to occur over time. Initially, your muscles ligaments and tendons are used to the way your body has always been. so initially they do want to pull your structure back to the way it was but within a period of time because those tissues have also have a certain amount of elasticity they do start stretching and stabilizes the area which allows the long term change

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