Becoming a new mother can take a toll on the body. This is true for both the mother and the infant. Let’s explore the benefits of regular chiropractic care during pregnancy, and after labor for both the mother and baby.

During pregnancy, as the belly grows, posture changes accordingly and spinal misalignments can occur. Back pain is very common in expecting mothers because of this. A chiropractic adjustment can fix posture and weight distribution problems, taking the pressure off the spine. Changes in the pelvis can also occur contributing to the mother’s discomfort. A chiropractor can align the pelvis to prevent the baby from having a restricted entry into the world during delivery. Its always a good idea to confirm with your primary care physician that chiropractic would be beneficial for your specific pregnancy.

The fact that chiropractic care has so many benefits for babies tends to surprise people. Adjustments for infants involve a very gentle pressure and are usually similar to a massage. This is safe and chiropractors receive training specifically for babies. The process of birth can be rough on the infant’s spine, neck, and shoulders as forceful assistance out of the birth canal is often necessary. A chiropractic adjustment can relieve the pain the baby may be feeling but can’t express. Additionally, chiropractic care helps with colic, improves sleep, improves organ function, helps avoid ear infections and the list goes on.  This has long term benefits as well such as encouraging proper development during those first crucial years of growth.

Regular chiropractic care can make pregnancy more comfortable and provide infants with a jump start in life. If you or someone you know is expecting a child, consider regular chiropractic care for countless benefits.