Dr. Longo takes on the Birkie this Saturday!
His thoughts as he heads to Hayward!

Prepare and stay loose. After we will head to Hayward to watch the Professional sprint races! These skiers are the best of the best and just fly! Then we’re off to the  Expo hall, where we get our packets full of swag and our bibs. The Expo has many venders of ski stuff that are hard to resist!

When you’ve got Birkie Fever, the only cure is more cowbell!

About the Spectators:
The Birkie has the most amazing spectators & fans. From cowbells to banners, Birkie visitors cheer on skiers at every Birkie event thoughout the week. If you’re a Birkie mega-fan, or if you have a friend or family member who is, we’ve got everything here to prepare for the best race week ever!

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