Are You Popping Pills? Pt2

Are You Popping Pills ?
Are You Popping Pills ?

Does This Spell Health To You?
Do drugs correct the cause of your problems or do they just temporarily relieve your symptoms? The fact is if drugs truly corrected your health problems then you’d only have to take them once. But as soon as their effects wear off, the symptoms return and isn’t it back to the pill bottles? Is that any way to go through life?

Do Drugs Make You Healthy?
If drugs make you healthy then those taking the most of them should be the healthiest of us all, but isn’t it true that such people are often the sickest?
And what about the side effects? Sometimes side effects cause more problems than the original condition for which they were taken. Sometimes the drugs cause physical or psychological dependence on them. Sometimes they cause disease and sickness. Sometimes they even cause death. And all the time they take us away from depending on our natural healing ability and make us dependent on artificial supports.

Drugs Lie
The symptoms the drugs are covering up are often warning signals telling your that something is wrong with your body. By constantly covering up the symptoms with medicines you may be ignoring what your body is telling you. While you take medicines to feel better your healthy may continue to deteriorate, and if it does you may start to take more powerful medicines to continue to hide the warning symptoms your body is giving you.
Drugs lie to you. They take attention away from correcting the real problem: the cause of the illness.

Alternatives To Drugs?
Is there an alternative to drug use? Chiropractic teaches us that true health does not come from a pill, a lotions, a potion or some other chemical concoction. True health comes from within. Health is the expression of the body functioning properly.
Chiropractors correct a very common condition that interferes with your body function causing it to weaken and become susceptible to disease and malfunction. That condition is called a vertebral subluxation.