Are You Popping Pills? Pt.1

How Do You Spell Relief?
Do you spell relief A-S-P-I-R-I-N? V-A-L-I-U-M? T-Y-L-E-N-0-L? There are thousands of ways to spell relief and most are spelled the same: D-R–U-G-S.
We swallow a lot of pills in this society. Why shouldn’t we? We and our children are exposed to thousands of drug commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisement, all saying the same thing: “Drugs and medicines are good for you.”
Every twenty-four to thirty-six hours, from fifty to eighty percent of adults in the United States and the United Kindgdom swallow a medically-prescribed drug.
Is relief important? Of course it is! If you’re in pain that’s all you can think of: “Let me get rid of this headache,” “If only the pain would go away,” “I wish I could find a position that’s comfortable,” “If only the fever would break,” “If only I could breathe freely”…Medicines are sometimes seen as little gems to those who know only agony and distress without them.
No one can question that there are times when medication is necessary and desirable. The accident victim, the burn victim, the terminally ill, the acute patient and others should receive the medication they need.

But What of Chronic Use?
But what of the housewife who swallows painkillers for the headaches she’s always getting? What of grandma who gulps down a dozen aspirin tablets a day for arthritis?
What about blood pressure medicines? Menstrual pains? Backache? What about your classmate who cannot stand daily stress without something: Valium or alcohol, cigarettes, coffee?

Does This Spell Health To You?
Do drugs correct the cause of your problems or do they just temporarily relieve your symptoms? The fact is if deus truly corrected your health problems then you’d only have to take them once. But as soon as their effect wear off, the symptoms return and isn’t it back to the pill bottles? Is that any way to go through life?