4 Steps to Reduce Neck Pain Now

Sleep on a firm surface, with a pillow thin or thick enough so that your neck does not bend forward or backward when lying on your back, or to the right or left, when lying on your side.

There are two types of exercise that can help relieve neck pain. they are based on stretching and muscle-toning. In both cases, you bend your head on your neck through all six of the normal directions – forward, backward, right and left turns, and right and left bends.
Do this 20 to 30 times in each direction and finish with the same number of neck rolls. To tone the muscles, go through the same movements against the resistance of your hand and arm. Instead of pain medication, try both exercises four times a day. Continue these exercises daily to help prevent recurrences.

“Telephonitis” is a form of repetitive strain injury. A new study has found that 50% of office workers who use the telephone for at least two hours a day suffer from neck pain and 31% suffer from lower back pain. The main cause is holding the phone between the head and the shoulders. The best treatment is simply to invest in a hands-free headset.

Office Ergonomics

  1. Get up and talk to colleagues instead of emailing them. Intersperse active and passive tasks throughout the day.
  2. Position the keyboard/ mouse so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Keep the top of the screen at least 3-5 inches below your line of sight.
  3. Use chairs that have height, back and tile adjustments, and take advantage of variable height work surfaces.