Looking for a natural way to accelerate your healing process in a pain-free manner? With deep tissue laser therapy, this is possible. Here are 3 things to know about laser therapy, how it works, and how it can make an impact on your quality of life.

1.) It reduces inflammation and repairs tissue, reducing pain. Laser therapy involves a photon wavelength that penetrates tissue at a cellular level. This leads to the shrinkage of inflammation, an increase in cellular metabolism, and a reduction in pain. This occurs without side effects and treats the root cause of your pain which means results are shown to be long-lasting. It is worth noting that the number of treatments required for relief depend on the condition being treated.

2.) Laser therapy can help heal both chronic and acute conditions. We see patients that both just suffered an injury as well as patients who have been dealing with their ailment for quite some time. No matter how long your condition has been bothering you, deep tissue laser therapy can offer relief. This treatment is customizable for your specific condition. Various attachment heads for the laser, and varying levels of time and power make it so these factors can be balanced by your clinician to develop the optimal protocol for you specific situation.

3.) Treatments are quick and are pain-free. Treatments take anywhere from 5-10 minuets depending on factors such as size, severity, acuteness and depth of the target tissue. Having a Class IV 40-watt laser means we can deliver a large amount of energy in a very convenient amount of time. Many often want to know what laser therapy feels like. patients agree that it is a soothing and gentle therapy that makes for a pleasant experience. Depending on the condition, a cone-like attachment could be used that doesn’t have direct contact with skin and feels similar to a warm light moving over the treatment area. There is also a massage-ball attachment does make direct contact with the area and delivers that same treatment, just with an additional messaging aspect. Although it is clear that the therapy itself is relaxing and enjoyable, the real joy comes from seeing long lasting results in your pain levels.

Don’t let pain keep you from doing the things you love. To learn more, call today and schedule a free consultation to learn how laser therapy can be beneficial in your unique situation.