Tired of Living with Pain?
Join the millions that find pain relief with Chiropractic Care and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. We have treated patients for almost 30 years, proudly serving the Milwaukee, WI area.

Chiropractic Care for All Ages
Dr. Longo has helped newborns, infants, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Treating conditions relating to everyday life, sports injuries, work-related injuries, and auto accidents. You  too, can find pain relief Chiropractic Care and or Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

Promoting Proactive Healthcare with Chiropractic Treatments
Our goal is not only to reduce the symptoms but also to have long-lasting results with chiropractic care. Treatments include patient education, instruction on proper stretching exercises to promote healing, and nutritional consulting if desired.

We’ve seen patient with many symptoms such as arthritis, herniated disks or back pain from sitting in front of a computer all day that can be treated with chiropractic care. Click on the link below to see what types of common symptoms we’ve seen in the past.








Accelerate Your Healing with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy accelerates the healing process. However, it doesn't make an old part new again. Chiropractic Care is used to improve the structure and function of the treated area. The goal is to get the machine working better again and accelerate the healing process.
Chiropractic Care and Laser Therapy combined are like "peanut butter and jelly". Not all issues require both. During consultation and examination, Dr. Longo can determine what treatment would be best for your specific condition.


Sleep Better With Chiropractic Care: A Natural Solution

Are restless nights leaving you tired and groggy during the day? Chiropractic care might hold the key to improving your sleep quality naturally. Here are a few of the many possible ways chiropractic can benefit you during the night. 1. Reducing Pain and Discomfort Chronic pain, especially in the neck, back, or joints, can be a significant barrier to a good night's sleep. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and...

What Makes MLS Laser Therapy Unique?

Here at Longo Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Laser Center of Milwaukee, we pride ourselves on offering the newest and most advanced laser technology. We have consistently been seeing great results using our Class IV 40-watt laser and we have recently integrated MLS robotic laser therapy into our practice as well. So what makes the MLS M6 Robotic laser unique? Unlike other lasers, the M6 has a Multiwave Lock System that...

Chiropractor Frequently Asked Questions
Take a look at some of the common questions we are asked and our answers.

What happens during a Chiropractic exam? Will I have to come in for the rest of my life?